DSR-5 Silicone and Adhesive Remover 32 fl oz

DSR-5  Silicone and Adhesive Remover 32 fl oz
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Item #: 120-12532
Product Details: DSR-5 is specially formulated to quickly and cleanly break the bond silicones and adhesives have with the underlying surfaces. Any caulking, silicone or adhesive, in fact anything sticky, that does not become hard and brittle when dry can be removed with Re-mov. Safe, quick and effective for use on metals, glass, most plastics, most carpets, clothing, tiles, vinyl, fiberglass, porcelain, brick, wood, varnish and painted surfaces. Directions For Use: Apply DSR-5 into the area containing adhesive. For silicones, caulk, labels or tape use a scraper to work DSR-5 into and under the material to break the bond. If any residue remains, simply re-apply to the area and wipe it clean with a terry type cloth. 32 fl oz.
Contents: 1- 32 fl oz Spray
Brand: So-Brite Chemicals International
Weight: 2.20 pounds
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