Formax F-168 Saw Blade Wax Stick

Formax F-168 Saw Blade Wax Stick
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Item #: 213-14000
Product Details: Formax F-168 is specifically formulated for applying to metal cutting saws. The tenacious, clinging grease film left on the cutting tool serves as a heat reducing coolant on the cutting teeth and work surface. F-168 prevents burning, clogging, chatter and tearing. It works well on all cutting operations of non-ferrous or ferrous metals. F-168 is soluble in water, non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable. Cleans easily by wiping or hot water flushing. F-168's fiber tube is made with an extended hollow end Safety-Grip hand applicator allowing the operator to hold and push the F-168 wax stick safely against the saw or cutting tool. Packaged in a spiral wound Peel-a-Way paper 2" x 12" long tube.
Contents: 1- 1 lb Wax Stick
Brand: Formax
Weight: 1.10 pounds
Our Price: $12.49
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